Canon Compatible & Genuine

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Compatible with the following printers: 

 Canon i865, i900D, i905D, i9100, i950,

i960, i965, i990, i9950

Canon Pixma IP4000, IP4000R, IP5000, 

IP6000D, IP8500

Canon Pixma MP750, MP760, MP780

Canon S800, S8200, S820D, S830D, 

S900, S9000



 Compatible with the following printers:

Canon Pixma IP3300, IP3500, IP4200, IP4300, 

IP4500, IP5200, IP5300, IP6600D, IP6700D

Canon Pixma iX4000, iX5000

Canon Pixma MP500, MP500, MP510, MP510,

 MP520, MP530, MP600, MP600R, MP610, 

MP800, MP800R, MP810, MP830, MP970

Canon Pixma MX700, MX850

Canon Pixma Pro9000, Pro9000 MK II 

Canon Multipass MP530, MP600, MP800

PGI520 Black, CLI521 Colour & PGi550 & CLi551

Compatible with the following printers:

Canon Pixma IP3600, IP4600, IP4700

Canon Pixma MP540, MP550, MP560, MP620,

MP630 MP640, MP980, MP990

Canon Pixma MX860, MX870

PG-512 Black High Capacity, CL-513 Colour High Capacity

Compatible with the following printers:

 Canon Pixma IP2702

Canon Pixma MP240, MP250, MP260, MP270, MP272, MP280, MP480, MP490,

MP492, MP495, MP499

Canon Pixma MX320, MX330, MX340, MX350,MX360, MX410

PG-525 Black & CLi-526 Colours

Compatible with the following printers:

Canon Pixma IP4850, Canon Pixma IP4950, Canon Pixma IX6250, Canon Pixma MG5150, Canon Pixma MG5200,

Canon Pixma MG5250, Canon Pixma MG5350, Canon Pixma MG6150, Canon Pixma MG6220,Canon Pixma MG6250,  

Canon Pixma MG8150, Canon Pixma MG8220, Canon Pixma MG8250, Canon Pixma MX882, Canon Pixma MX885

PG-510 Black & CL-511 Colours

Compatible with the following printers:

Pixma iP2700 iP2702 MP240 MP250 MP252 MP260 MP270
MP272 MP280 MP282 MP480 MP490 MP492 MP495 MP499
MX320 MX330 MX340 MX350 MX410 MX420