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CD & DVD Duplication Services


Are you a Band or Production Company looking for a cost effective and reliable CD & DVD Duplication & Replication Service ?

 Then look no further - CVB Media have over 20 years experience in offering the best DVD duplication prices. Wether its 50 CDR copies of a music demo or 10'000 DVD5 copies of a retail DVD we can handle all size orders. Check out our duplication prices here or give us a call to talk about your next project - 01453 882462.

Superior Discs for Duplication

Since legal file sharing sites are now quickly replacing the traditional compact disc, there is a heightened demand for the burning of both audio and video content onto DVD. This media is not only a great way to store all kinds of data, but it is also a standard format that can be used in countries all around the world. Here at CVB Media, we can sell you a set of blank DVD-R discs that can be used to copy your data in a manner that will preserve its integrity for a long time to come. Because we provide only the best quality discs, you can be sure that there will be no digital deterioration of your information as the years go past. This means that you will only have to purchase some of our CD and DVD products once for each job that needs to be done. And of course our prices are some of the best in the country, meaning that you can get a batch of discs for copying and burning without having to spend a fortune. By combining high quality and cost-effectiveness, our range of products are really the only ones that you will ever need.

Best Blank DVDs for Movies

After more than twenty years in the industry, we have built up an impressive array of satisfied customers. This has been largely due to our unrivalled customer service and the fact that we have never lost sight of our original goal: to provide our clients with some of the best quality media available at prices that anyone can afford. Whether you wish to create an audio compilation or place all of your home movies onto a blank DVD disc, you can achieve your goals here at We currently stock a variety of media types so that we can satisfy your requirements regardless of what you need done. Have a look through our website at the various options that we can offer you. You should be able to find the most suitable choice for your needs when it comes to transferring data from your computer, network, flash drive or memory card and onto a durable optical disc. More information can be found here on how to make an order, so that you can put your various media plans into action right away! Our speedy delivery process, long-lasting DVDs and low prices all come together to create the one great package.

Affordable, Efficient Service

Once you have placed an order through our site, we will attempt to send it off that day. Depending on what option you choose, however, your products will arrive at your door in up to three working days. For those more urgent requests, we also offer 24 hour delivery so that you can get your data burned to disc as soon as possible. When you buy blank DVDs for sale, you will get to take advantage of our discount prices as well as our variety of delivery methods. As well as this, all of our items are sold with a 30 day money back guarantee, meaning that if you can have your cash returned to you if you are not happy with the discs and shell-clam cases that we send you. Of course, various terms and conditions apply so have a look at appropriate webpage sections to find out more. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team of staff via phone, email or the electronic form on our site. When it comes to purchasing blank DVD media that lasts and lasts, we are certainly your best choice thanks to our comprehensive range, cost-effective prices and friendly customer service.